There was an error while placing my order. Will I be charged?
The issue you have encountered is typically due to some part of the billing information on your credit card that is not exactly matching up to what your bank has on file. When we check this information against what your bank has on file, something is coming back as being mismatched. This could be something as small as a middle initial that is on the card that you are not using or an older billing address.

Our websites security settings are set high to prevent credit card fraud. While some merchants only require certain fields of information to match, our site requires that they all match.

“Pending” or “Processing” verifications typically disappear within 24-72 hours depending on your bank’s policies. You may wish to contact your bank if you have made updates to your billing address recently or need to have those verifications cleared.

If you continue to have problems submitting your order after checking this information, you may call us directly at +1 260-202-0048 for assistance.

What should I do if the product I want is out of stock?
We are sorry to hear that the item(s) you want is out of stock. Items are available on a first come, first served basis. To keep updated with the earliest availability on the product, you have a few options:

Send us an email at [email protected] and we will provide the latest information.
Give us a call at 260-202-0048 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Does my billing address have to match the address on file with my credit card?
Yes, the billing address has to match exactly what is on your credit card billing address.

Where can I track my order? How do I check my order status?
Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email notification with your shipment’s tracking number.

I need to change or cancel my order, what do I do?
We make every effort to process your order as quickly as possible. As long as the order has not been processed, we are able to cancel your order. However, during promotion periods such as Cyber Weekend, we are unable to cancel orders once they have been placed due to the high volume of orders received during this time.

Can I use more than one promo code per order?
No. Only one promo code may be applied per order and may not be combined with any other offer.

If you have specific questions about your order please email [email protected]